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A passionate Latina, Celia Lopez has been entertaining audiences since the day she could walk. Born and raised in San Francisco, Celia is an accomplished actor, dancer and holds a first degree black belt in Taekwondo. “I feel a sense of freedom through my entire being when I perform. I am home.” Whether through acting or dancing, she has been praised as “raw & vulnerable” and “surrenders to the present moment”. Celia is also a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. “What can I say!? I have many interests. I stay hungry and always curious.” She believes in living life with passion and purpose because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Strong, confident, and outgoing, Celia impacts her audience through her artistry adding, “I want people to laugh and cry with me, you know? I want people to go on a journey with me.” Ms. Lopez currently resides in Los Angeles.  

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